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Make it visual!

Drawing is largely acknowledged as a great way to improve information memorization. In fact, many studies show that drawing enhances information processing and creates encodings involved in memorization. Elements such as mental conception, image creation and the hand gesture involved in the drawing process all make learning and memorization more effective. However if drawing is great for yourself, what about drawing for others? This is where graphic facilitation comes into play!


What is graphic facilitation?

Graphic facilitation is a skill which can allow someone to take visual notes of something happening. You can do it in multiple ways, here are examples to get you started: 

  • Improved note taking : you can add a drawing or some arrows to some note taking to get started!
  • Represent information visually : from a conversation or process – in a visual form using schematization, words and doodle symbols.
  • Synthesizes a group discussion : it is a great skill which is to be capable to listen to a group conversation and manage to represent it visually with drawings, texts, quotes and metaphors or large cardboards!
  • You can also use digital tools to create or recreate your drawings digitally. You can even print it. 

Fresco we co-designed with Hardis Group for them Creativity Lab. The main objective was to celebrate their wins in a way to inspire new projects.

Graphic facilitation is a great way to support your spoken pitch, especially in long distance contexts. Using simple drawing gives individuals a common basis and facilitates understanding because simple symbols well put together are interpreted in the same way by every one of us. In fact, we all use different words to talk about similar topics, therefore graphic facilitation helps building a common language and ensure we all have the same understanding about a specific topic. Great visual representations can be more universal and transcends cultural barriers.


Why do we love Graphic Facilitation at Plush & Nuggets?

At Plush & Nuggets, we love graphic facilitation and we also use it for different purposes.

First, during our workshops we enjoy having a graphic facilitator that visually facilitates in real-time the conversations of our participants. It generates an indescribable atmosphere as the graphic facilitator creates a live physical representation of people’s sayings. It adds this little playful something that we call a “wahoo effect”.

Secondly, graphic facilitation is amazing at creating easily shareable assets that give a nice and quick overview of what happened during a session. A great souvenir as well as a great post-workshop communication tool!

Graphic facilitation is also a nice and trendy way to represent processes and display information by simplifying complexity. We love to offer our clients to design posters that provide key information about the room they are placed in. It’s both nice decoration and good information.

Finally, even if you are not a drawing expert you should try to draw in order to express ideas, concepts or deliver messages. Sometimes with a lack of talent, but never with a lack of purpose. At least it can be helpful for yourself!


To start implementing these skills, you will need good materials! Of course, you can use post-its but we invite you to visit our store to find something that invites some play 🙂