The best way to address big challenges

is to play with them.

Plush & Nuggets is a playful agency based in Paris. We reinvent the way to design corporate experiences by leveraging the benefits of play for organizations.
Whether you’re a company interested in promoting a culture of joy, creativity and learning, or simply looking for a innovative way to organize your next workshop, let’s get in touch.

Why should you play?

it’s Engaging

Address serious topics with a hint of enthusiasm and pleasure.

it’s  Memorable

Create unforgettable hands-on experiences full of learning and experimentation.

it’s Empowering

Individuals and groups unlock their
potential through play.

We experiment play together

Our latest Publications

30 novembre 2018

Graphic Facilitation: the Importance of Making Things Visual

Drawing is largely acknowledged as a great way to improve information memorization. In fact, many…
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27 septembre 2018

Why is Plush & Nuggets on Instagram?

Our September afterwork was dedicated to launch Plush & Nuggets’ instagram account! First, a huge…
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