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We’re thrilled to announce our arrival in Paris. After one year of activity based in Grenoble, we decided to continue to grow from Paris.

Plush & Nuggets recently celebrated its one year of activity. During this period we co-designed 29 workshops with 15 clients who trusted us to address their challenges with our playful methodologies. After one year, we feel ready to scale up, speak up about what we’re doing & explore new markets!

It is in a charming coworking space that Plush & Nuggets just installed in Paris 10th. The space looks amazing and we immediately felt in love with with the peaceful atmosphere here in Morning Coworking Stalingrad.

Full of projects in the head, we invite you to start experimenting & to be in touch with us! Celebrating this new adventure, we just launched a LinkedIn profile so you can easily follow what’s going on :

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