At Plush & Nuggets, we also research and experiment with Play itself. It is our topic of study and an activity we use to explore design. Laure Dousset (CEO Plush & Nuggets) have been teaching at MIT during the Independent Activity Period to explore play and gave four different classes:

  • 2016: Serious games for organizations
  • 2017: What Playfulness Can Change
  • 2018: Make it Playful – Grenoble Edition
  • 2019: Make it Playful – Boston Edition

For Make It Playful we organized a hackhaton and tested the idea of a playground for innovation with design and play! We were astonished by what the participated created when we let them play with their own rules! You can learn more about the results of this hackathon here or the organization of it here.

These experimentations led us to create our online class, Basics of Play at Work as well as fuelling our research on the benefits of Play and how to activate them. 


We built several classes about Play, including a 5 days-long hackathon organized in the Fablab MSTIC in Grenoble with participants coming from more than 10 different countries and different specificities like biology, design, sciences, prototyping skills… and playful mindset!


Make It Playful!


MIT/MIT France
Fablab MSTIC

What we did

Hackathon design and facilitation, Prototyping, Research


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