What is Make it Playful?

Make it Playful is born from our belief that anything can be designed into a playful version of itself.

Thus, we decided to organize Make it Playful, a Hackathon dedicated to this cause!


During the event, participants hack objects, playfully redesign them & build prototypes to showcase their work.





After the success of the first edition in January 2018, Plush & Nuggets is already working towards organizing Make it Playful 2019!

Make it Playful 2019

To make Make it Playful 2019 a success, we need you!


Join an international movement of playful makers, tinkerers and designers! We are looking for participants, sponsors, material providers and mentors.


Contact us.

What happened at Make it Playful 2018?

Make it Playful 2018 took place in Grenoble during the second week of January with participants coming from all over the world.

This first edition was a week-long Hackathon where participants hacked about 10 everyday life objects to turn them into a more playful version of themselves.

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Make it Playful 2018Plushnugggets
25 avril 2018

A coffee machine that promotes social interaction

During the course of « Make it Playful », a week long hackathon co-hosted by MISTI France & Plush & Nuggets, 14 participants joined us to hack everyday life objects…
Make it Playful 2018Plushnugggets
16 janvier 2018

“Make it playful” : the results

The Plush & Nuggets Make It Playful Hackathon wrapped up last week with the debut of a wave of brand new inventions, each designed to encourage play.
Make it Playful 2018Plushnugggets
12 janvier 2018

Make It Playful: Pens That Inspire, Tables That Relax

In Grenoble, France, designers, engineers, and innovation leaders from across the globe are huddled in a maker lab, racing the clock to create a room filled
Make it Playful 2018Plushnugggets
11 janvier 2018

Make It Playful: The Hackathon Begins

Plush & Nuggets’ 2018 Make It Playful Hackathon officially kicked off earlier this week with a day-long course that introduced engineers, (suite…)