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Co-design an action plan

Interiale is a French insurance company dedicated to health for the public sector. They came to us with the following objectives:

  • Discuss the changes on the market and their impact ;
  • Co-design the commercial action plan for the years to come ;
  • Identify commercial best practices to share between employees ;

With them, we organized not just a workshop but a tour to meet with all the commercial teams of the company. Named “Hissez-Haut” (“Hoist up High” in English), the project was composed of the co-design of a workshop and the facilitation in 6 cities, including 1 online session for the French overseas territories. More than 100 people took part in it with their local team, resulting in the creation of their local action plan, the contribution to the global action plan, the share of best practices for commercial successes and a complete deliverable of their production.

From this Tour de France, we co-created a global deliverable as well as a fresco representing the best practices of the Intériale commercial teams.


We delivered 8 workshops workshops with 24-30 participants each time.
We co-designed tailored-made activities to help our sponsors diffuse their messages and let every teams shine with their own strength and identity.


Tour de France Hissez-Haut



What we did

Graphic design;
Workshop design

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