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Creative Spaces designed

Welcome to our portfolio page!

What we love the most about play is to practice it with you so you, your teams, your projects and organization can get the benefits!

Since 2017, we’re on the field, practicing with our clients who trust us and our expertise. Every project is unique and all our interventions are tailor-made, care-made & fire up the play benefits 🔥

To get the vibe of what we’re doing, check a few use cases of what we have done. Feel free to contact us for an extended portfolio!

Explore our work

Custom-made workshops

We co-design and animate workshops to help you tackle change and any ambitious objective of yours.

Co-design an action plan

Change management strategy
Culture and vision workshop

Creative workspace design

We co-design new or existing workspace, creative room, to favor collective intelligence.

Tooling collaborative spaces

Design a collaborative space
Rethink a collaborative space

Boundary Object Creation

We transform research into toolkit so you can manipulate complexity and diffuse that knowledge through your organization.

Personas into action

Co-design a cybersecurity toolkik
Innovate with data flow
From research to actionable tools