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Innovate with data flows

At Plush & Nuggets, one of our missions is to contribute to filling gaps between research and practice. We believe in the power of boundary objects to manipulate research not only to find solutions but as well to educate, raise awareness, improve strategic thinking and create opportunities! 

There is an urge to use the data of the customer to bring him more value. There are 5 ways to generate more values for customers using data, and this research has been published for several years now and yet isn’t known within companies!

This is why we co-created with these researchers Game of Streams, a boundary object to manipulate directly that research in your own context. It is a great way to work with data and research and let it infuse playfully in your teams and organizations. 

To co-develop this kit, we worked closely with local producers using recycled materials and made sure the kit would be re-usable with comfort for the users to reuse several times!


We led the design of the kit, handled the connection with our producers and made this boundary object accessible for the world in our shop!


Game of Streams


Digital Organization & Society;
Grenoble Ecole de Management

What we did

Creative material design;
Graphic design;
Innovation toolkit creation


Plush & Nuggets supported us in the creation of “Game of Streams”. Professionnal and focused on the objectives and deliverables, they systematicly exceeded our expectations. The result is excellent and I hope to pursue this successful collaboration in the future.

Pierre Dal Zotto
Coordinator of the Digital, Organization & Society Chair of Grenoble Ecole de Management

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