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Personas into action

The Canal + product team made a ground study to identify the behaviors associated with the consumption of entertainment. In order to better understand this research, diffuse it and leverage it, we worked together on the co-design of a deck of cards and on an online workshop. We worked together on identifying the main personas of entertainment. Then we put them into a digital workshop to help Canal + employees to get to know the different personas and challenge their Mycanal products.

In order to make the most of it, we built both digital and physical assets and turned it into a set of playing cards designed for “Playing with the personas of entertainment”. The digital and recorded format made it possible to diffuse it widely and quickly, while the physical version proved ideal to benefit from brain/hand connection and give birth to dedicated meetings. The whole process allowed the teams to integrate a user-centric approach in their daily activities.

In addition to the digital (recorded) workshop, and to help design it, we facilitated 4 workshops with Canal + teams’ to help them leverage the insights from the personas and improve their product.


In this mission, we capitalized on strong research and expertise from our client, and brought our own expertise of playful behaviors, our capacity to create complex yet approachable frameworks, and our field-tested methods in order to introduce user research at all levels of the organization.


Entertainment personas


Canal +

What we did

Innovation toolkits design;
Online workshops;
UX research

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