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Welcome to Plush & Nuggets

A universe to bring collaboration to the NEXT LEVEL!

Engaging workshops, transforming trainings and creative space design.

You’re looking for more energy, engagement and success within your teams and projects? You want work to feel more playful, easy and fun? Not only for you but for your teams and partners?
Well, you have the right instincts! At Plush & Nuggets, we have a unique approach that made us master the science of collaboration and the art of teams’ fulfillment. We work with organizations and teams through engaging workshops, impactful trainings, creative collaboration tools and smart space co-design. We call this playing.
We are here to serve you to learn to play as an adult in the workplace. Sounds fun? Well, the good news is that it is also very engaging and efficient! It helps you spread new ways of working and tackle your ambitious projects with an engaged and aligned team. We insufflate and help you spread durable change within your organization. 

Our unique approach: tailor-made programs and dynamic workshops!

We are experts in facilitation and are fond of teamplay. We are attentive to your own situations and challenges, so you can use the science of collaboration and art of fulfillment to your best advantage.
All our programs are tailor-made to match your rhythm, goals and formats of work. Discover our portfolio to see a few examples of the serious and strategic topics that we already tackled with our clients and partners.

We are energizers and innovators. We help you develop your own facilitation skills to flourish with our approach. We will help you create “teabags” infusing new ways to work in your organization.  🍵

Together, let’s foster creativity and play in the workplace! Let’splay!


Design, facilitation and more. A few examples of what we do with our clients 🚀


Online and asynchronous workshops to play in autonomy.
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Our playful office supplies for your workplace and your creativity rooms ✨

Our experience

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Since 2017, we work hands-in-hands with our clients to help them leverage the benefits of play for their teams and organizations.

Check out some of our work below.

Design a collaborative space
Co-design a cybersecurity toolkit

Co-design an action plan

They trust us

They are playing with us at work since 2017:

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