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Tooling collaborative spaces

The Y spot is a very unique space located in Grenoble, leading projects at the intersection of science, technology and collaborative innovation. They organize workshops, events, project modes and collaborative meetings in this space with their partners.

To better use the place and be efficient in their workshops, they chose to use our physical products, which made it possible for them to be autonomous in the use of facilitation methods. We provided the material for their creative space (like our pochettes modules) and worked hands-in-hands with them so that they could reuse it for their own needs.

Today, they are autonomous in using it and it supports their practice and organization of workshops in the Grenoble’s ecosystem.


We worked hands in hands from the conception to the delivery of this place and were involved all along the way. We organized workshop to co-design the space, provided resources and furnitures, trained the teams using this space and co-design the processes associated for the run.


Facilitation and tools for creativity room


Y spot

What we did

Creative materials;
Workshop design

Are you interested in physical tools?
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