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Culture and vision workshop

Maped is a company with many commonalities with us: they value play and the hands-brain connection! We loved working with them on a collaborative workshop on their culture and their new strategic ambition. We conducted several actions together to diffuse the power of play in their organization. A memorable moment of this mission was a day-long workshop in which we discussed the culture of this company, aligned on what direction to take about it, played with the framework Ikigaï and declined the missions of their transformation projects. 

During this workshop, all participants could manipulate the identity of their organization with their hands! As this is something they promote for their users, it was truly doubly beneficial for them. 

We provided a strong deliverable at the end of that workshop, 100% co-designed with all the participants of the workshop. Our sponsors were happy with the short term results and infused play in their teams and more broadly their organization. 

Our workshops help teams accelerate change, facilitate difficult discussions and address challenging topics playfully! 


We delivered a workshop that helps their team to align on their vision and culture of Maped. This session empowered them and helped diffuse new methods of work, including play and digital tools.


Vision workshop



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