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The many virtues of retrospectives

Retrospective is often associated with building software. We believe it’s mostly about humans helping each other to achieve great results together, no matter whether you work in a tech team.

There are three major use cases for retrospectives:

🧘 Team rituals: they can be used for healthy routine checks within your team;
🎉 Milestones: they can serve as a great analysis for success;
📽 Big project wrap-ups: they are key to help people improve overtime, both individually and collectively

Choose your own adventure

At Plush & Nuggets, we’re big fans of learning through play. We recorded ourselves on video to explore different ways to do retrospectives with you. Let’s have a first glance at the three modules we will use:

🏋 KISS: “Keep, Improve, Start, Stop” is a classic exercice (with a twist!) between transparency, mutual help and radical candor. It’s an ideal framework to help your team members develop the healthy habit of giving and receiving valuable feedback on a regular basis.

🍔 Sandwich: This second framework is about helping you review your projects better and make your team improve together. Beyond the analysis, it’s all about finding new opportunities to learn and grow.

🔭 Long view: The best way to stay aligned with your vision is to assess it regularly. This final tool may leave you with new questions but is a must-have to measure your ambition.

What's in the workshop?

✅ A (quick) introduction to the tool used and the Plush & Nuggets approach
✅ 3 videos in which we do each module with you
✅ 3 templates you can reuse directly with your team

Unlimited access for life
Price: 90€

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laure Facilitation Online Workshop Playful Workshop

I’m Laure Dousset, a researcher and entrepreneur who is convinced that in life, nothing beats learning through play.

It all started with a passion for Rubik’s Cube, which I took to the competition level. My studies later led me to become Director of the Playground, a unique space in France for the creation of serious games, and then at MIT, where I was a researcher-teacher for four years.

In 2017, I founded Plush & Nuggets, a studio whose mission is to put play at the heart of corporate strategies. My co-creation approach is based on years of research and experience in Facilitation, Design-Thinking and Lego Serious Play®.

I co-created and facilitated over 300 workshops with some 30 companies in a dozen different countries. My clients include traditional companies like Crédit Agricole, innovation giants like Spotify and high potential start-ups like Maria Schools.

If you have any questions and/or would like to share your current challenges with me, please feel free to contact me →