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Project yourself
into your best self!

What do you really enjoy? What life would you like to have? How can you start moving forward to make your actual life closer to your dreamt one?

Build your LifeBoard vision with us to answer these questions and more!

What is a Lifeboard Vision?

A lifeboard vision is a unique production using pictures which helps you better visualize your ideal life. A lifeboard vision is iterative, but should serve you as a guide, giving you a 5 years vision on your life plans.It is a very powerful tool to manifest your dream life.

This assessment is based on the work of Paulo Viera who identified 11 pillars as a true 360° view of all the things we need to live a happy abundant life. Alex Cabon has used this framework in hundreds of workshops with his clients with powerful results.

In this workshop, we are using these pillars so you can self-assess yourself, identify your priorities and what you want to work on.

Need a play partner?

At Plush & Nuggets, we’re big fans of learning through play. Someone we love playing/learning with is Alex Cabon! Thus we wanted to challenge ourselves puting a well-known coaching exercise at play. Get the class, live your experience and receive feedback on your work and answers to your questions!

Here’s what we’ve prepared for you:

🧭 A step-by-step guide: Introspection doesn’t have to mean solitude. So we recorded ourselves on video to do this coaching exercise with you. We will give you tips, ideas and energy!

🪁 A flexible methodology: Whether you want to do the lifeboard vision exercise in one or several times, with or without our video, we know how to adapt. That’s why we built a product that respects your pace, preferences and availability.

🎯 Concrete recommendations: Asking questions is good, taking action is better. At the end of the exercise, we read your results and you will receive a personalised summary. You can count on our years of experience to guide you.

What's in the workshop?

✅ A (quick) introduction to the tool you’ll use and the Plush & Nuggets approach
✅ Videos in which we do the exercise with you
✅ A personalised summary and recommendations to help you

Recommended duration between 2h and 4h
Unlimited access for life
Price: €90

I enroll

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You're in good hands!

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My Name is Alex Cabon and I’m a Master Coach but I started coaching since 2010 with more than 10000 hours of experience in professional coaching with my clients.

After having completed all of the different programs that Tony Robbins offers live and online, after having finished the Inner Game from the first coach in History “Tim Galway”. That is why from 2018 I have decided to become a SYSTEMIC COACH.

Because from the hundreds of methodologies that I have come across, I have the full conviction that it is the methodology that shows to be the most effective and scalable in the world without a shadow of a doubt.

I’m Laure Dousset, a researcher and entrepreneur who is convinced that in life, nothing beats learning through play.

It all started with a passion for Rubik’s Cube, which I took to the competition level. My studies later led me to become Director of the Playground, a unique space in France for the creation of serious games, and then at MIT, where I was a researcher-teacher for four years.

In 2017, I founded Plush & Nuggets, a studio whose mission is to put play at the heart of corporate strategies. My co-creation approach is based on years of research and experience in Facilitation, Design-Thinking and Lego Serious Play®.

I co-created and facilitated over 300 workshops with some 30 companies in a dozen different countries. My clients include traditional companies like Crédit Agricole, innovation giants like Spotify and high potential start-ups like Maria Schools.

If you have any questions and/or would like to share your current challenges with me, please feel free to contact me →