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Implement new ways of working and impulse a culture of joy, creativity & learning in your teams

We co-design & deliver Plug & Play programs to address cultural change within your company.

Strong of 4 years of experience and research on serious play, we build convictions about how play should be used within organizations.

The power of serious play is underestimated by company’s management and releguated to entertainment. Although, play is a highly rewarding experience that allows people to exert their freedom to experiment, learn in a protected environment & engage in behaviour change.

Today, we’re bringing to the market a program to fully leverage the benefits of play for organizations.

Become an experimentator

to make change happen!

Join our community of experimentators from top companies who chose play as a medium to conduct their change management strategy.

Shift Mindsets

Grow a culture of enjoyment and learning.

Adopt new practices

Deploy new methodologies to respond with speed and agility to upcoming challenges.

Empower people

Unlock the full potential of your teams.

Facilitate Change

Create memorable moments to exemplify the changes you want to put in place.

Design your Plug & Play Program

We offer a variety of formats for you to chose and compose the best animation plan that fits your company's context.


3 hour inspiring sessions


1-3 day workshop to focus on a specific challenge


Few day exposition to bring life to your program.

Make change happen.

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