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The Ultimate Whiteboard

ultimate whiteboard used for facilitation online workshops

Playful Office Supply approved 🎟️

Mobile and erasable whiteboards that you can count on

The Ultimate Whiteboard has been designed to help you and your team(s) bring their A-game in collaboration. It is mobile, durable and it comes with a little acoustic fabric to help you in any space you place it. Try it, you’re gonna love it!


  • Discreet, robust and elegant with its wooden base and its great finishing touch.
  • Size 120 x 195 cm (≈47.24 x 76.77″) – goes through doors and elevators!
  • Bring it wherever you want thanks to its high quality wheels.
  • Pleasing to use thanks to its erasable and magnetic surface.
  • Acoustic material with several options of color

More information about our Ultimate Whiteboard

Why do you make a whiteboard for the corporate environment?

In order to make the most of physical interaction, it is essential to put people in a situation where they can visualize and spend time standing to keep the energy flowing. Writing, drawing and moving helps us activate our brain/hand connection (see our blog article). Moreover, we are naturally in an active contribution mode around a whiteboard. This is why whiteboards are a key equipment for teams, meeting and creativity rooms!
Our ultimate whiteboard will put you at ease to represent a process, draw a situation or address a challenge collaboratively.!

Where and how do you make the Ultimate Whiteboard?

Made in Grenoble with  care and passion!
At Plush & Nuggets, we are convinced that having quality products makes a huge difference to help us keep the smooth creative and collaborative spirit we need to innovate in our professional environment. We designed our ultimate whiteboard with this conviction as a starting point, and worked hard to find the best local partners around Grenoble to offer you the best quality and personalization options while preserving the environment.
– the film used on our whiteboard is the best quality on the market, as well for writing and erasing as for using magnetic tools ;
– we selected the woods for their quality look and durability ;
– there are acoustic materials on the whiteboard to provide a sound comfort in your room.

This product is a Plush & Nuggets registered design.

What about the size?

The size of our whiteboard is 120 x 195 cm (≈47.24 x 76.77″). It has been designed to easily go through doors and elevators while being big enough so than everyone sees itwhen needed.

Shipping and delivery

Shipping is free for a 100 € purchase or more in Metropolitan France. For other countries and for any order under 100 €, we bill the actual cost of the related shipping.
For now, you can’t buy our products directly online. If you want to buy or if you have any question, ask us for a quotation or get in touch with us. We’ll gladly answer all your questions!

Any question?

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