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From research to actionnable tools

Spotify is an organization well-known for their user centricity and agility. Our mission with them was completely aligned with these intentions. 

An amazing research has been done at Spotify about their users, resulting in the creation of personas as well as a framework about their behaviours. We can’t say more than that about the content or the spotify toolkit, but you can read more about it from themselves here

Spotify Toolkit

Our mission was to build physical assets and workshops to leverage this research and its results for the teams. We created 120 physical kits as well as 8 activities to customize for each team and context. During the mission, we also ran tests with product teams and organized several feature-development ideation sessions

In this mission we loved the challenge, the contact with the teams, the opportunity to have a real user-centered approach and seeing directly and or more long term the results of this work.

You can also check our work with Canal+ on Personas!


We led the creation and the tests of the kits. We delivered workshops and all the necessary assets for teams to reproduce them or adapt them autonomously.


Personas Physical Assets



What we did

Innovation toolkit creation
Graphic design;
UX research;
Workshop design;


Do you have an ambitious project involving UX research?
Are you interested in creating a toolkit to manipulate complexity and innovation?