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Discover new ways of working 🚀

At Plush & Nuggets, it is our mission to make you play seriously so you can enjoy the benefits of play, like manipulate complexity, improve your creativity or accelerate your learnings. We wanted you to hhave access to that at any time so we made these playful online workshops!

These  asynchronous workshops are designed so that you can play in total autonomy, at your pace, and get a personalized feedback at the end 👌

Discover our catalogue


We prepared easy-to-reproduce workshops to help you animate collective intelligence in meetings.


We prepare a guide to help you conduct your brainstorming and transform your result into actions.


3 approaches to extract the best of your retrospective and get inspiration for your next challenge.


We tackle business problems with the help of our facilitation techniques and put complexity at play.

Business Model

A playful workshop to challenge your business model and provide inspiration for your next semester, next year, next product 🚀

Serious Game

Transform your ideas into an actionnable Serious Game, step by step, with our experts.

Basic of Play at work

An unconvential class about Play at work. We often talks about the benefits of play for children, let’s start the talk about adults!

Personal development

We put play at work to help you get the better version of yourself!


We designed this workshop to guide you through an introspection phase to find your reason of being.


We designed this workshop to guide you through an introspection phase to find your reason of being.

Lifeboard Vision

In this workshop you will build a lifeboard vision which will help you identify and move toward your goals 💪

Our approach


You can do this workshop on your own, alone or with some partners!
There is a video with instructions and a support to guide you from A to Z.
Think of us as your companion during this journey.

At your pace

You can do this workshop on a single run or in as many session as you want. You can take as many breaks as you want in completing the activities.

Personalized feedback

At the end of your workshop, we review your work and provide personalized feedback with guidance to progress and/or a few inspiration.

This format inspires you?
Do you have specific needs you would like to adapt with this format?
i.e. change, training, onboarding, etc.