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Design a collaborative space

Schneider Electric and our teams co-designed their new space to infuse new ways of working: The Innovation Cube.

Together, we implemented this vision into the Innovation Cube, a part of IntenCity, with the idea of supporting the adoption of new ways of working, multi-sites collaboration and foster partnerships with the ecosystem

What is the Innovation Cube?

Here are some key facts which makes this space and project unique : 

  • More than 150 people were directly involved in this project. 
  • We worked with our client hands in hands from the early stage to the run 
  • We included innovative collaboration formats as new ways of working
  • We used all our playful materials to diffuse the mindset 
  • We integrated biophilic design to imagine the space and sourced the materials carefully, using local materials and partners in priority. 


We worked hands in hands from the conception to the delivery of this place and were involved all along the way. We organized workshop to co-design the space, provided resources and furnitures, trained the teams using this space and co-design the processes associated for the run.


Innovation Cube


Schneider Electric

What we did

Space design, Creative materials and furnitures,
Diffusion of culture and innovation, Facilitation training

Are you interested in digital tools and hybrid formats ?
Do you have a creative space to rethink or dynamise?