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Change Management Strategy

When you change or adopt new digital tools, there is far more to be addressed than just the technical training. Questions about change are raised and usually, a good tool appropriation requires an adjustment of the teams’ and individuals’ mindsets. With Schneider Electric, we co-constructed workshops and tools to address change in a playful and collaborative manner. These workshops allowed participants to align with the change strategy, project themselves in their missions and learn about the vocabulary of the tool.

Tailor-made change strategy workshops

We delivered this change workshop in 5 different countries, and a diverse crowd of participants each time! All the exercises have been tailored-made for their specific context and tool. A deliverable was produced after all the workshops.

The results are outstanding. The tool itself was better graded by people who took part in these workshops. For physical workshops as well as remote ones, the participants in the survey highlighted that they appreciated having time and space to talk about the adoption of a tool as a project and could have answers about the change required prior to technical training.


We delivered 8 workshops with 12-35 participants each time, in 5 different countries and remotely. Each time, we tailored-made the activities and made them playful so they are meaningful to the context.

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One Offer Remote


Schneider Electric

What we did

Change Management;
Facilitation (remote);
Multicultural workshops

With the worldwide deployment of our tool in a complex context, we needed a playful change management approach to onboard all the users smoothly

Bertrand Dammaretz
Head of Offer Information Management,
Schneider Electric

You are interested in involving facilitation in your projects and/or change strategy?