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Pochettes Modules Pack

pochettes modules on a table with a timer to bring the benefits of play at work

Playful Office Supply approved 🎟️

Turn your typical meeting into a time of creativity and collaboration 🔥

To bring play and collaboration in corporate environments, you need the right tools. Use our Pochettes Modules to empower users of your meeting rooms and to bring more interaction, facilitation and serious play. Or take them with you on the go to diffuse new methods of working wherever you go!

Our Pochettes Modules are based on strong academic and corporate research and have been deployed in companies who use them to create and animate their own workshops. They have been designed to enhance the brain/hand connection and collaborative work. They also are easy to use and strongly versatile.


  • High quality: we work with local suppliers to source the most durable and qualitative materials
  • Extensive packs: with one pack, there is all the material you need to equip a room and so many surprises!🧩
  • Versatile: you can create an infinity of activities and workshops with this pack 🚀

Infinite possibilities!

  • Including participants or groups in some meeting, workshop, training, etc.
  • Provide you frameworks for ideation and brainstorming, for instance to design a project.
  • Offer you multiple activities for conclusion, landing or retrospective.

Let’s play!

Open this box of wonders, we cannot wait to see what this will inspire you!

More information about our Pochettes Modules

Where and how do you make these Pochettes Modules?

Made in France with  care and passion!
At Plush & Nuggets, we are convinced that having quality products makes a huge difference to help us keep the smooth creative and collaborative spirit we need to innovate in our professional environment. We designed our Pochettes Modules with this conviction as a starting point, and worked hard to find the best local partners (mainly around Grenoble) to offer you the best quality while preserving the environment. Our box and paper templates are made from recycled elements.
Markers and plastic enveloppes (for storage) are not made in France.
This product is a Plush & Nuggets registered design.

Shipping and delivery

Shipping is free for a 100 € purchase or more in Metropolitan France. For other countries and for any order under 100 €, we bill the actual cost of the related shipping.
For now, you can’t buy our products directly online. If you want to buy or if you have any question, ask us for a quotation or get in touch with us. We’ll gladly answer all your questions!

Nos modules

Here are 4 of the 15 modules included in our Pochettes Modules Pack:

> Ice breaker

An icebreaker is a short, fun and  engaging activity which makes it possible to “break the ice” by making each participant speak and go from a listening posture to a speaking and acting mood.
This module is ideal to start a workshop or a meeting, and we did our best to make it appealing, simple and practical. Our A5 pages are flexible, durable and erasable.

> Cour des Nuggets

The Potatoe Guy Fresco is a very simple and efficient module. It’s made of our emblematic “potatoe guys”, all assigned with a number. In the beginning or at the end of a workshop, this module makes it possible to invite participants to chos a character representing their current mood, wills, expectations or anything, depending of your goals for the workshop.
It is a great way to really understand what your participants stand for.

> Discovery Report

A discovery report is a document that you fill out after living a new experience or discovering something new. It helps you formalize what you’ve seen and helps you make it yours and learn from it. It’s a great yet pretty formal tool, so we decided to make it playful!
Check out our YouTube video on the Discovery Report.

> Photolangage

Photolangage is a method to make a group of people share their emotions and feelings on a topic. Each participant choses a picture and exlains their choice. It makes participants express themselves and helps them feel more confortable at speaking and interacting with each other.
Our photos have been chosen with care so that they can be interpreted in many ways. Their form factor makes them easy to use even with big groups of people.
Check out our YouTube video on the Photolanguage.

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