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Our Playful Products

At Plush & Nuggets, we design the future of office supplies: playful products to help you make the most of collective intelligence!
Our work environments have come digital and more intangible ➡ our physical tools need to catch up 🎲.

We are proud to present to you our collection for the workplace. These playful products will make you embrace hands/brain connection, build customised workshops and materialise your learnings!

#PlayfulApproved 🎟

Play Cards

Erasable Play Cards

Erasable Dices

The Ultimate Whiteboard

Pochettes Modules

About our playful products

Designed to manipulate complexity

Embrace your hands to brain connection with our products and tackle complexity with efficience and play!

Playful approved

Our products are designed for customisation. Write your own words, use them to design your own workshops and help unleash the creativity of your teams!


It really matters to us that our products are durable, qualitative and locally produced. Our products are manufactured in France by our amazing partners.