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Build your Ikigai

2020 was a weird year which forced a lot of us to work from home. It was a time for introspection and reflexion. In this mindset we read the book Ikigaï: the Japanese secret to a long and happy life and we got a bit frustrated. The idea is very interesting but the framework is not that easy to fulfill. Thanks to our facilitation skill, we put the Ikigaï framework at play and designed our workshop!

We held 8 remote workshops for individuals to build their own Ikigaï. We were amazed by the results, the process and the reaction of our users. It gave us a lot of energy and give us inspiration to try it with organization as well. Turns out it can be pretty efficient for corporate vision and culture workshop (read more).

After those sessions, we designed and filmed the workshop so you can make it on your own, at your own pace and complete autonomy. Check it out!


We ran 4 sessions of Ikigaï remote workshop and then created a new format which allows you to do it from anywhere, at your own pace and with a convincing level of engagement!


Ikigaï workshop


26 participants online

What we did

Workshop design

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