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Welcome to Plush & Nuggets

An invitation to PLAY!

At Plush & Nuggets, we help organizations reinvent corporate experiences and leverage the benefits of play.

This goes through workshop design and facilitation, online workshops and collaborative space design. We also diffuse our products and methods to empower you in the development of new ways of working.

By providing our know-hows and tools, we can help you with your career, projects, workshops and company space. Every day, we help our clients manipulate complexity and we promote joyful learning experiences in the workplace.

Our unique approach: tailor-made and playful workshops!

We use facilitation and are fond of teamplay. Above all, we are attentive to your own situations and challenges, so that we can collaborate at best.

This is why all our interventions are tailor-made to support your experience. As you can see in our portfolio and in our online workshops, we do our best to engage collective intelligence and teamplay. Moreover, we help you develop your own facilitation skills and promote your autonomy.

We are players and innovators. Be curious and explore our work below through our portfolio, online workshops and physical products. All these elements will help you create a teabag to infuse new ways of working. 🍵

Together, let’s foster creativity and play in the workplace!


Design, facilitation and more. A few examples of what we do with our clients 🚀


Online and asynchronous workshops to play in autonomy.
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Our playful office supplies for your workplace and your creativity rooms ✨

Our experience

Workshops Delivered
International Projects
Creative Spaces designed

Since 2017, we work hands-in-hands with our clients to help them leverage the benefits of play for their teams and organizations.

Check out some of our work below.

Design a collaborative space
Co-design a cybersecurity toolkit

Co-design an action plan

They trust us

They are playing with us at work since 2017:

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