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Welcome to Plush & Nuggets

An invitation to PLAY!

At Plush & Nuggets, we help you leverage the benefits of play for your career, projects, workshops and spaces. We are experts in facilitation and help our clients manipulate complexity and leverage collective intelligence. They also develop their own competencies and promote autonomy during the process.

We use facilitation and are fond of teamplay. We are attentive to your own situations and challenges, so that we can collaborate at best.

We like to innovate, find new ways to improve user experiences and perform in the delivery of projects and workshops.


Design, facilitation and more. A few examples of what we do with our clients 🚀


Online and asynchronous workshop to play in autonomy.
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Our playful office supplies for your workplace or your creativity rooms ✨

Our experience

Workshops Delivered
International Projects
Creative Spaces designed

Since 2017, we worked with plenty of organization and individuals to put their problems at play and let them enjoy the benefits of play.

Check some of our work below.

Design a collaborative space
Co-design a cybersecurity toolkit

Co-design objectives

They trust us

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