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Do you remember the last time you played?

We play as kids but we tend to forget the basics as we grow older.

Playing is one of the most engaging & has the biggest potential for learning activity that human beings can do.

Play is a valuable skill and many successful companies understand that. And it is not exclusive to GAFAM or unicorns 🦄.

At Plush & Nuggets, « it is our happy talent to know how to make you play ». In over 4 years we experimented with play in more than 35 organizations (such as Crédit Agricole, Spotify, Schneider Electric, Red Bull…), in 11 different countries before building this class.

This course has been experimented and taught at MIT for 4 years and we’re now ready to make it accessible to anyone – thanks to the internet!

This is not a regular course,
this is a journey!

Play is a very powerful activity, yet it faces a lot of prejudices that we’re determined to overcome in this course.

We looked for powerful content about play in the workplace online, and really thought that something practical, accessible and versatile was missing. This is why we built it so it looks more like a journey

This class is designed for everyone: whether you’re an experienced player or beginner, you can join!

This class is living. We are continuously working to improve this course.

This is our chance to share our knowledge and create a community of experimenters and players!

Meet your play partner!

I’m Laure Dousset, a researcher and entrepreneur who is convinced that in life, nothing beats learning through play.

It all started with a passion for Rubik’s Cube, which I took to the competition level. My studies later led me to become Director of the Playground, a unique space in France for the creation of serious games, and then at MIT, where I was a researcher-teacher for four years.

In 2017, I founded Plush & Nuggets, a studio whose mission is to put play at the heart of corporate strategies. My co-creation approach is based on years of research and experience in Facilitation, Design-Thinking and Lego Serious Play®.

I co-created and facilitated over 300 workshops with some 30 companies in a dozen different countries. My clients include traditional companies like Crédit Agricole, innovation giants like Spotify and high potential start-ups like Maria Schools.

If you have any questions and/or would like to share your current challenges with me, please feel free to contact me →

What you will learn

We designed this course to be unique and playful. 🚀
You will find what’s for you in the diversity of formats and contents.
You will have tools to respond and break the prejudices of play.
You will have activities made just for you to integrate into your rituals/routines.
You will have guidelines and examples about how to bring this to a collective.
You will experience the benefits of play and project yourself in how you can integrate it into your career. 💪

Course curriculum

✅ Videos explaining what is play and how you can use it
✅ Examples and inspiration of companies that plays
✅ Resources

Unlimited access for life
Price: €118,80

I enroll

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