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Erasable Play Cards

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Playful Office Supply approved 🎟️

Create easily your games and activities!

Discover our Erasable Play Cards, erasable on both sides ! These cards are your best asset to imagine playful short activities with your friends, or run workshops in a professional or educational environment. They enable you to test concepts, to prototype and modify your cards while playing.

You are not satisfied with your idea, your writing, your drawing ? Just erase and start back from scratch 😉. Your only limit is your imagination!

Delivered with a linen storage bag, a felt pen, and a (so cute) microfiber penguin plush to erase!

More information about our Erasable Play Cards

Why do you make cards for the corporate environment?

When you think about games, you immediately think about cards.
We strongly believe that symbols of play like cards can be repurposed for corporate uses: they ignite a positive and innovative attitude that you can leverage for your projects. Thanks to our Play Cards, bring your own serious content on the table with more playfulness!
Discover more about the benefits of cards (and dices) on our blog article.

Where and how do you make these Erasable Play Cards?

They are made in France with care and passion!
At Plush & Nuggets, we are convinced that having quality products makes a huge difference to to bring playfulness into professional environment. We designed our Erasable Play Cards with this conviction as a starting point, and worked hard to find the best local partners to offer you the best quality while preserving the environment. They have made of 100% recycled paper. They have rounded corners and pepsi colors. They have a high quality erasable layer to make them easy to erase.

What about the size?

74 x 105 mm (≈ 2.91 x 4.13″)! It’s a bit bigger than a typical playing cards deck.

Shipping and delivery

Shipping is free for a 100 € purchase or more in Metropolitan France. For other countries and for any order under 100 €, we bill the actual cost of the related shipping.
For now, you can’t buy our products directly online. If you want to buy or if you have any question, ask us for a quotation or get in touch with us. We’ll gladly answer all your questions!

Any question?

They gave us some feedback!

Opinion from Cécile Golfier-Salles,
Entrepreneur and facilitator

I really love these colorful and reusable cards to inspire, create, play ... designed by a team of experts with a well-assumed and welcome touch of fantasy🙃

Rated 5 stars out of 5

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