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Co-design a cybersecurity toolkit

We collaborated with ANSSI (French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems) and the Lab 110bis (Ministry of Education creative lab) to create a boundary object on Cybersecurity. The objective of this project was to create playful resources for each teacher of K-12 education to organize interactive learning sessions about the complex topic of cybersecurity that particularly concerns the new generation of learners. 

We co-designed the pedagogical objectives for this topic and target, and constructed the first kits to be deployed more broadly. We ran several test sessions with teachers all across France. The interest of the development of a boundary object instead of a serious game is that it can be used in different ways, in different communities and it allows both teachers and students to create their own unique experience with the kit. 


Today, our client is autonomous in the deployment of this cybersecurity kit and the first implementations are very promising. Both teachers and students are enchanted by their experience with the toolkits and it sparks interest and learning on the cybersecurity topic for young generations 💪


Cyber En Jeux


Lab 110 bis

What we did

Graphic design;
Toolkit creation;


Do you have an ambitious project involving research?
Are you interested in creating a toolkit to manipulate complexity?