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Rethink a collaborative space

The Crédit Agricole Sud Rhône Alpes is a client who trusted us to co-designed their internal facilitation space and handle the training of ambassadors internally. 

Together, we co-designed “La FabriK”, a collaborative space to experiment with new ways to work which include : 

  • Use of different “highs” of work (standing, sit-down at 2 different heights) 
  • Use of visual facilitation with whiteboards, templates or restitutions, magnets and ready-to-play activities
  • Allowing new moments to populate the life of employees: retrospectives, active internal training, shooting of videos, management workshops… 
  • Use of playful material to use hands in a creative way in the workplace, with serious intends! 

We also ran +8 different training sessions, diffusing more than 35 modules all across the teams. Today, the teams are autonomous in the leadership of this collaborative space and in the diffusion of these new ways to work.  


For this project, we led the workshops and the co-construction of La FabriK. We were also in charge of delivering this room and all the materials needed to run workshops. We trained the teams using this place and co-designed the processes of these new ways to work with this same team.


La FabriK


Crédit Agricole

What we did

Creative supplies;
Facilitation training;
Space design

“Our objective with Plush & Nuggets was to create a collaborative space that would be a centerpiece in our project of changing the way people work together

Sophie François
Project Owner of the Creative Workspace,
Credit Agricole Sud Rhône Alpes

This project inspires you?
Do you have a collaborative space to rethink or dynamize?