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A powerful and playful pedagogy of energy!

Objectives of the training

  • Know your individual preferences in terms of time management
  • Adapt your practices and routines to perform better and organize your time on a daily basis
  • Save time for your entire organization with a time management approach focused on collective efficiency

3 hours well invested to save time in the long run!

all inclusive training

Who is this training for?

Manager Work with the different chronotypes and help your teams to get out of the « I don’t have time » pattern

Project Manager Learn how to better manage your time and priorities in order to distribute the work in a team

Freelancers Learn how to make the most of your most valuable resource, your time.

And anyone else who wants to change the way they manage their time and priorities to develop their abilities and well-being.

No skills are required to start this training.

A course where you are 100% involved!

Our trainings are focused on action and practical application.

Our training rooms are physically organized into two spaces :

  • a presentation and exchange area on the experiments
  • a practical area where you will be divided into sub-groups to experiment with the elements covered in the training / workshops

during our workshops and trainings, participants alternate between these two spaces!

As with child development, personal experimentation is ideal for integrating new ways of working. The hand-brain connection has already proven itself and we are strong advocates of it.

Une formation où vous êtes 100% acteur

What are we going to talk about?

During this 3-hour training session, we will cover the following topics:

  • Research of your chronotype and your habits
  • The 6 gifts of collaboration
  • The 4 poisons of collective time management
  • Optimization of your agenda, focus techniques to be re-used

All this with innovative and easily reusable educational tools!

Why choose Plush & Nuggets?

Next sessions

This training to learn how to manage your time is available upon registration.
Next session on Friday, November 18, 2pm to 5pm 

Next sessions

Practical details

  • Duration : 3h
  • Price :450 euros Presential / 300 euros digital Your OPCO can cover the costs, contact us!
  • In-class or distance learning
  • French & English
  • No prerequisites
  • 12 participants max
  • Accessible to people with disabilities, let us know your needs when you register

Need more information? Do you want a customized training for your teams?
Make an appointment with Pauline!