Still growing, still playing

By 12 avril 2018Plushnugggets

We would all agree that playing is a key beneficial activity for children. It is part of their learning process and allows them to experiment with their surroundings. Today, there are tons of games, interactive books and toolkits supporting a more playful experience of learning for children.

On the other hand, with adulthood, a new activity takes up a large part of our lives: work. In fact, while childhood is dedicated to learning and experimenting, adulthood is seen as the moment when it is time to execute and be productive. Playing is no longer considered essential but relegated to leisure and entertainment. Therefore, play is strongly associated with childhood in our collective consciousness.

However, this polarized vision of play being associated to childhood is slowly changing. Market and society dynamics are pushing continuous training and learning. We are expected to develop new skills and competencies during our work lives. With this consideration, learning becomes a core element of adulthood. And what is a great medium to learn? You got it right, play.

In fact, when we play we are placed in a protected environment in which he can test, fail & iterate without consequences. It empowers the player to try, put knowledge into practice and test new hypothesis. Thus, we understand that adults benefit of play as much as children, we shall just play differently.

At Plush & Nuggets we reinvent the way to design corporate experiences by leveraging the benefits of play for organizations. We’re on a quest to reinvent the way we can play seriously, join us to build the future.